All You Need To Know About Indie Rock

Indie Rock is a music genre that has its roots from the United Kingdom and the United States. This kind of music is highly appreciated around the world. It started in the 1970s and has seen various developments. Pioneer bands of this genre made it to the mainstream in the 1990s. The bands include Punk Revival and Grunge bands of USA and Britpop from the UK. As the 1990s period was coming to an end, various sub-genres like emo, post-rock, noise-pop and math rock developed.

The internet has greatly helped the genre to break into the mainstream. Famous female singers who have mastered the art of making Indie Rock music include:

PJ Harvey

PJ Harvey is an English singer whose style is majorly influenced by the Indie Rock genre. The 50-year-old artist began her career in 1988 and is also known for her proficiency in playing the guitar and the saxophone. She is also a group artist in a group known as The Desert Sessions.

St. Vincent

St. Vincent is the stage name for Anne Erin Clark, who is an Indie Rock musician. The 37-year-old female artist began her music in a group called the Polyphonic Spree. She has released albums such as Masseduction, St. Vincent, Marry Me and Strange Mercy.

Courtney Love

Courtney Love is a famous American musician born in 1964. She has been present in the music scene since 1981, and she is known for her prowess in Indie Rock songs. She has many albums with Rush Hour being the most popular.

Dolores O’Riordan

Dolores is an Irish Indie Rock singer who left a significant mark in the industry. She began her career in 1989, and it was cut short by her death in 2018. She had been a member of labels like Sanctuary and Cooking Vinyl. She made hit songs like When You’re Gone and Ordinary day.

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