The language of music is universal. It does not discriminate or divide. As long as the singing is excellent and the beats are rhythmic, you will get people humming along or swaying to the music. Things get a little bit different in the production and promotion process. Female singers always admit that they start feeling a little bit alienated and have to work extra hard if they want to get the attention their male counterparts have. This blog is dedicated to the females in New Zealand and Australia, and any other women from around the world who are struggling to get their voices out there.

Why Female Singers?

Admittedly, the challenges and gains that the different genders make in their singing careers are not the same. This blog focuses on women, not as a way to widen the gap and discriminate, but rather to give female singers a platform where they can find information to build their skills. There are not many sites that have put a specific focus on female singers, especially in New Zealand and Australia, yet there are many vocalists who are doing their best to break even in different genres, including pop and rock. The essence of this blog is to elevate them, give them a platform to interact with and get known, and equip them with details on emerging trends with hopes that they will pass them forward to the next generation of female singers. It is all about playing different roles and taking positions to ensure that the voices of female singers are not drowned out. Everyone should play a part regardless of gender. Get involved today.