Features of a Great Fan Website

A fan website is a fan blog or website which is maintained by a loyal fan of a particular celebrity. A celebrity’s fans from any part of the world can get access to such a site. These websites should be maintained and given certain features to keep the fans happy. Here are some of the features an excellent fan website should have.

Blog Section for Information

Information is essential in everyday life. A blog section containing all the information about the website is vital for your fans. This section enables a fan to learn something more about their idle celebrity. This section also instructs the fans on what they can and what they cannot do on the websites. This will prevent fans from posting inappropriate posts on the site. The blog section should also contain information portraying what will happen to a fan who posts inappropriate posts or goes against any of the website rules.


Some fans find it difficult to get their best artists’ work on the internet. A fan website should contain links which allow such fans to get to listen to music easily. There should even be a link which connects fans to the official website page of an artist. The fan page should also contain links leading to the official social media account of a celebrity.

Fan’s Reaction Section

A great fan page should have a section where fans can communicate and comment on an artist’s performance. The fans can display their emotions freely through this feature.

Allow Fans to Share Information

This feature should be placed with some regulations to stop fans from posting inappropriate things. It allows fans to post music videos and pictures of an artist. This enables the fanbase to be up to date with everything that their best celebrity does.

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