Top Indie Rock Tracks by Female Musicians in Australia and New Zealand

Female artists in recent times have made a statement in the music scene. They have released tracks in all genres that have been listened to widely around the world. In Australia and New Zealand, indie rock is a popular genre. Female artists in both countries have released such music to entertain the fans. Top indie rock tracks by female artists include:

City Looks Pretty

City Looks Pretty is an indie rock track released by Courtney Barnett. The hit song is part of an album that was released in 2018. The song is available on popular music platforms including YouTube. It has reached a broad audience, and this is evident from the viewership.

The Opener

Camp Cope a female music band released a song dubbed The Opener in 2017 and is available on platforms such as YouTube, Deezer, and TuneIn. The three minute forty-one seconds long song has been listened to substantially around the world. It has similar popularity to the Playamo AU casino website.

Don’t Know How to Keep Loving You

Julia Jacklin, an Australian singer, released the popular song. The song was released in 2019 as part of the album named Crushing. It is an indie rock track, and it is slightly above five minutes long.

The Good War

The Good War is an indie rock track released in 2018. It was sung by a famous New Zealand artist known as Kimbra. She released it as part of the Primal Heart album. The song runs for about four minutes.

Lady Dee

Lady Dee is an indie rock music released in 2016. The song was part of the Water or Gold album. The top song was released by Hollie Smith, a New Zealand artist. The entertaining indie rock song runs for about 3 three minutes and can be found on YouTube.

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